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Susan Snyder Art

Susan is watercolorist and naturalist who creates field journal-style artwork as a way to study nature and its relationships.  Her mission is to help herself and other people find connections to nature to rejuvenate and inspire. Susan wants us all to understand how we fit into nature’s web so that we can create balanced, sustainable and rewarding lives and communities. She spends as much time outdoors creating illustrated nature journals as she can, and also paints in the studio. Through classes, Susan encourages others to join her in the journaling experience.  She paints and teaches art through the lens of ecology and environmental education because nature allows people to explore how to think, rather than telling them what to think. Nature encompasses all subjects, investigating math, science, literacy, the arts, social studies, history, philosophy, and religion. Nature study can include components of all of these subjects at once, creating a truly cross-curriculum experience.