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The process of Kate’s paintings includes all the materials you would expect from an acrylic and mixed media painter along with a large dose of her secret ingredient, joy.  Her bright and bold florals, landscapes and animals are lovingly created with intent, a slow process and a talented eye.  Kate feels that many of her paintings find their voice in their second or third iterations, when the layers of paint finds its balance in color, texture and composition.  Kate’s contemporary art is never static as she finds satisfaction only when working through new ideas and altered styles, illustrating her commitment to the learning process.

The ability to bring an organism to life on a piece of paper is a rare talent.  Susan’s observational skills are evident in each of her watercolor compositions as she moves pigment and water in an expert manner to capture the essence of her subject.  Susan spends much of her time working as a naturalist, honing her skills in observation and teaching others about the remarkable world around them.  Her nature journaling pieces and workshops capture what the lens cannot, a compendium of sights, sounds and smells during a moment in time.