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Goddess planter handcrafted pottery
Barb Crosbie - Earth in Art Pottery

Goddess planter handcrafted pottery



On her potter's wheel Barb likes to take her time and make a number of functional pieces that you can use in your home.  These goddess bowls are stunning with a character all their own.  Each has a unique floral pattern on the outside and some are adorned with butterflies and bugs.  The inside is ungalzed to benefit the requirements of the plant your chose.  The fun is in how the plants finish the piece and make it a living piece of art.

The larger goddess bowls are approximately 8-9" in diameter and over 3" tall.  

The medium size is 5-6" in diameter and over 3" in height.  

All of Barb's pottery is safe to be used inside or out however it will not take a hard freeze, and neither will your plants.

If you would like a custom goddess please contact Barb directly at or 801-866-8279