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Leafy pottery
Leafy pottery
Leafy pottery
Barb Crosbie - Earth in Art Pottery

Leafy pottery


leaf type

Barb goes off for a hike or a run and comes back with a hands of beautiful leaves, then she heads to her studio.  From here it begins with slab of clay that she then gently rolls the leaf into the clay, you those satisfying videos on IG?  Yep that’s it, and better yet she can tell you where that piece of Mother Nature originated.  

Following this the leaf plate is cut into shape, the edges are smoothed and a curve is introduced to the form.  Curved plates are much stronger than completely flat clay plates.  It's a thing.

Flowers are made from countless small balls of clay that are flattened and added in a whorl.  They are shaped to fit to the plate.  

Small dipping bowls are made from pinch pots and impressed with a hand carved stamps.

Found wood is incorporated as appropriate, most often paired with a leaf collected on the same hike.  

It’s about capturing the essence of a place and a time, something memorable.